For this last post, I plan on discussing the ‘ending’ of chattel slavery, and what can be done in today’s society in order to attempt to end the universal sex trade. I will first be discussing Lincolns role in the ‘end’ of chattel slavery.

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States of America. His goal was to emancipate all slaves from their masters and from the states that were rebelling against the Union. As we have learned through Harriet Jacobs slave narrative, it is clear that even the people who were enslaved knew that the North, meant freedom. When Jacobs arrived North she was technically free, her only fear was the master she ran away from. The people who were apart of this Union, were the slave owners, and they wanted to start their own country, because they were against what Lincoln was doing. this is what started the Civil War. In 1863 Lincoln set in motion the first Emancipation Proclamation

This meant, that is the North won the war, that all the slaves were free.

The Civil War ended in 1865, and the North in fact won, free all the slaves. Although most slaves in the South did not hear of the news until several months after, they were still free, and had no loyalty to their master. Although president Lincoln put an end to chattel slavery, it does not mean that there is no reoccurrence seen in today’s society. The ownership of humans is still seen, and not simply in the sex trade.

“The enslavement of the Dinkas in southern Sudan may be the most horrific and well-known example of contemporary slavery. According to 1993 U.S. State Department estimates, up to 90,000 blacks are owned by North African Arabs, and often sold as property in a thriving slave trade for as little as $15 per human being.” (Siasoco, Modern Slavery)

This is just one example of the ownership of humans happening in today’s society. Slavery occurs all around the world, India, Pakistan, China, several places use people against their will for labour. The reason it is not considered a larger issue, is because it is occurring in places that we are not aware of the daily occurrence, and the underground work that is occurring.

What we need to understand is that human trafficking and chattel slavery are one in the same. The ownership of individuals against their will. Human trafficking is the modern day chattel slavery. There are many acts to attempt to save the people who are enslaved within human trafficking rings, and although there are laws against it, there is still a large underground market. In comparison to chattel slavery in the 1800’s, at first it was legal for this to occur. Lincoln was able to put control over this awful cruelty. In today’s society, an underground market for human trafficking has grown, and is less accessible by the government. As said in previous posts, although is it against the law to perform human trafficking there seems to be evidence of government corruption to perpetuate this market.

Here is an article that shows government corruption withing the human trafficking ring, and how they were finally caught. How do we know where else this is happening? When the government is involved the chances of putting an end to human trafficking are slim.

We must support the causes to help end human trafficking. These causes help save the women and children that are forced into brothels, and bring them home.